Participants can submit updated documents prior to the closing of award registration.

The contents shall be filled up through the registration for entry. All submissions are online and there is no requirement to submit printed out documents.

The award entry can be separate for different entities under a multinational group company. The contact provided can be employees within the company/organization or agencies in charge as long as it can be reached by the host.

1. GCSA winners will be highly publicised in media will helps your company/organization in public image and marketing. 2. Participants will receive feedback from panel judges to help the improvement of corporate sustainability practices.

Yes, participants can nominate all of the award categories in the same year. For Best Practice Award, participants will be able to submit multiple projects for entry. The winners of Outstanding Professional Award can re-enter 3 years after the year awarded.

There is no set number of winners for the 3 award categories. The number of awards will be decided based on number of participants and decisions among the panel judges.

Over the past 2 years, the awards were presented in the annual Global Corporate Sustainability Forum in Taipei. The ceremonies had more than 2,000 attendants with exposure by public media.

GCSA integrates professional standards and practices into its evaluation process, it helps companies to improve its sustainable developments from a professional perspective.