2022 Great Practice - L'Oréal Taiwan

L'Oréal Taiwan - Woman Empowerment Program



L’Oréal cares about sustainability, diversity, and inclusion, and we have been promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment for a long time. It is our mission to help women around the world. In the spirit of L’Oréal Group’s respect for diversity and inclusiveness, L’Oréal Taiwan has developed Woman Empowerment Program promoting female empowerment and gender equality in the scientific community and focused on the social issues affecting disadvantaged women.


1.    The TOWIS Awards and Girls’ Senior High School Science Forums
-    Background: 
According to data from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), only 28% of the world’s scientists are women. To achieve gender balance in science and ensure that future generations have role models to inspire them, L’Oréal and UNESCO established the For Women In Science (FWIS) Awards in 1998. 
-    Influences:
(1)     These awards are the first and only science awards for women in Taiwan. 
(2)     Over the past 15 years, the TOWIS Awards have recognized 46 female scientists as powerful role models for inspiring young women in Taiwan. 
(3)     According to the Ministry of Education, the percentage of female students choosing science in college or university has increased by 5.5% over the past 15 years.


2.    Lancôme’s Write Her Future program 
-    Write Her Future program aims to help single mothers improve their lives through educational training and makeup courses. So far, 24 courses have been held across 15 cities, and 750 single mothers and their families have benefited from these courses.