2022 Outstanding Practice - Sinyi Realty Inc.

Sinyi Realty Inc. - Evolution of Real Estate Industry - Achieving 2030/2050 Net Zero Sustainable Goals 


Sinyi Group regards sustainable development as its responsibility, and actively faces the environmental crisis in response to global warming issues. Sinyi Realty works with the world, joining climate initiatives such as CDP, SBTi, Taiwan Alliance for Net Zero Emission, and turns the Sinyi Sustainable Principle of "Get to Net Zero" into actions. We have adopted TCFD framework, identifying physical/transitional risks and opportunities, formulating the goal of net-zero emissions by 2030, and carrying out action plans such as supporting low-carbon and renewable energy, promoting green services by innovative digital tools and raise SDGs awareness in the communities.  


Sinyi Realty aimed to achieve the 2030 mid-term goals of 45% reduction in carbon emissions in real estate service (service carbon footprint), 90% reduction in GHG emissions (category 1+2), 30% reduction in per capita water consumption(base year: 2017), and 100% renewable energy. In 2021, the following progress had been made: service carbon footprint reduced by 28.3%, GHG emissions (category1+2) reduced by 6.3%, per capita water consumption reduced by 6.2%. In addition, the emission of electricity consumption per capita reduced by 7% and the revenue per kWh was NT$ 1110, which made our historical high record.  


We also encouraged our branches and partners take mitigation actions and respond to SDGs; as they play a key role in the green value chain that providing climate resilient services to our customers. We will continue to expand green impacts and become a benchmark of real estate service.