2022 Outstanding Practice - Chunghwa Telecom Co.

Chunghwa Telecom Co. - Telemedicine leads by 5G Technology by CHT 


Taiwan will have an estimated 4.6 million senior citizens in 2026, becoming a super aged society. This will lead to difficulty seeking medical care and insufficient medical capacity in remote regions. However, solutions based on 5G technology can ensure remote areas and offshore islands still receive excellent medical care while also reducing the burden on the front-line medical system.  

Chunghwa Telecom collaborated with the National Health Research Institutes and the Home Clinic Dulan in Taitung County to introduce 5G technology to remote areas in Taitung and help doctors offer remote and at-home medical services in rural regions via medical vehicles.  

Chunghwa Telecom also collaborated with Taichung Veterans General Hospital to implement Taiwan’s first 5G real-time remote consultation service for acute and critical illnesses. This allows hospitals to collaborate on remote medical care while preserving information security and patient confidentiality.  

This project offers a comprehensive series of medical services, from general medical care to acute and critical illnesses, to create a medical service network for acute and critical illnesses that covers remote areas, local hospitals, regional hospitals and teaching hospitals. It uses 5G signals to transmit images in 4K resolution in real time, thereby ensuring that medical resources in urban areas can be provided to rural regions via remote consultations. This means that even the most severe of cases can receive adequate medical care in the shortest time possible.