[Best Practice Award] Third-party assurance

With regard to the amendment for Best Practice Award of GCSA 2023, the secretariat is offering further information in this post.


The "Third-party assurance" document as mentioned in our guideline and previous posts, is optional this year as it is newly adopted and extra marks will be given to those who supply such documents.


In addition, the issuing authority of these documents includes but not limited to any validation/assurance/verification institutions or credible organizations with the exception of the award organizer and entrants. It can be presented in the style of assurance statement, reference letter or testimonial.


The provision of these documents are encouraged as this will help improve the quality of GCSA in the coming years and refine our guidelines and procedure along the way.


For Chinese users, an introductory slide from our award briefing is available for download. It contains summative information released on this site.