The Winners of GCSA 2023

The GCSA Global Corporate Sustainability Awards (GCSA) have entered their sixth year since its establishment. Outstanding enterprises from 18 countries across six regions, including North America, Central & South Asia, Northeastern Asia, Southeastern Asia, Northern Europe, and Western Europe, have participated. As of this year, a total of 368 entries have been submitted, resulting in 202 awards presented to top-performing companies that continue to break new ground in sustainability innovation on their journey towards sustainability.


The 6th GCSA Global Corporate Sustainability Awards in 2023 saw a record-breaking participation with 80 companies from 8 foreign countries submitting a total of 90 entries, making it the largest edition since the inception of the award. This year's selection results have been announced, and a total of 58 awards were presented to outstanding top companies and representatives, including 1 Outstanding Professional Award, 21 Best Practice Awards, and 36 Sustainability Reporting Awards.



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